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Increase Sales with Guided Selling

Scalable digital shop assistants for e-commerce. Improve customer satisfaction and increase conversions.

What is Chatchamp

Chatchamp is the guided selling solution for e-commerce companies with digital shopping assistants (chatbots). The digital assistants provide customers with professional & fully automated consultation and reduce the burden of going through multiple pages of products. This increases both the conversion rate of the website and the customer satisfaction.
Additionally the chatbots can generate email-leads and hand-out voucher codes.

How does it work?
Website visitors are guided to their perfectly matching product, by answering a couple of questions. Chatchamp’s recommendation engine finds the best product, and hereby improves both conversion rate and satisfaction of the user.

What does it do?
Users mostly come to a website with a problem, instead of a solution or product in mind. Chatchamp’s guided selling solution can offer exactly this: It leads the user from their problem to the product, and reduces the choice paralysis most users have.

1: Very quick results: It only takes a couple of days to set it up and start getting numbers.

2: Guided process with best practices from the Chatchamp-Team.

3: IT-free integration by just using a tag manager, e.g. Google-Tag-Manager.

4: Significant increase in conversion rate by recommending only very suitable products.

5: Easy to use A/B-Testing to further improve the recommender.

6: Generating E-Mail Leads for CRM-campaigns and handing out voucher codes.

7: Easy-to-read dashboard to check funnel statistics.

8: Fully integrated with personalization partners and tracking.

Guide your website visitors to the right product: Product recommendations can improve both conversion rate and customer satisfaction by letting users find their perfect product.

Offer state of the art user experience: A good user experience is one of the main factors to increase customer retention. Offer an amazing experience with product recommender chatbots.

Collect email leads for emarsys: Use the integration with emarsys to collect emails after consulting your users. The highly-engaged users are perfect subscribers to your email CRM-sequences

Build targeted audiences: Use all the insights you generate from chat conversations to build audiences for CRM or paid ads retargeting campaigns.

Integrate with customer support chat: Integrate your favorite customer support chat solution into Chatchamp’s chat interface, to further support your users (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk,…). You can even use Chatchamp to partly automate the user requests.

Why guided selling?

Guided selling and conversational commerce are some of the super-trends in e-commerce technology. And that is for a reason! There is a huge choice paralysis for users, encountering a huge number of products on a website, but actually just wanting to buy 1 or 2 products.

Combining conversational commerce and guided selling with Chatchamp’s chatbots has the additional advantage of using conversation as the channel to get feedback and ask for users’ intentions. This leads to extremely high engagement rates.

Is it complicated to set up? How big is the IT-effort on our side?

It actually only takes a couple of days to set up a first pilot project and to start collecting the first insights about the conversion improvements.

There is no IT-effort needed on the customer-side. Everything can be installed by a tag manager (e.g. Google-Tag-Manager).

I don’t want to get additional customer support tickets, can I still use website chat?

The advantage of Chatchamp’s website chat is that it is fully automated. It only allows users to type a message when needed. In all other cases the user is guided by ready-made answers.

So there is no need to add customer support if Chatchamp’s website chat is used, if you don’t want to.

Why Chatchamp over other softwares?

Chatchamp provides the customer with a user-friendly interface, fully guided onboarding process and focus on deep analytics for optimization and tailored solutions for product recommendation / guided selling. If you are looking for the highest conversion rates and best optimization tools, you found your solution!

Who should use Chatchamp?

E-Commerce businesses with more than 20 products, who want to further improve their conversion rate.

How can I learn more about guided selling bots?

The best way to learn about how Chatchamp can help your business is to schedule a free demo. One of our experts will show you how our solution works and how we can create first numbers to prove the success.

You want to learn more? Check out our webinars for in-depth tips and best practices. 👉https://www.chatchamp.com

Chatchamp was founded in Munich, Germany in 2017 with the goal of helping e-commerce businesses increase conversion rate and customer satisfaction with automated chats. Known from media outlets like W&V, horizont and conferences like OMR & DMEXCO, Chatchamp established itself as the leading chatbot platform for guided selling and conversational commerce.

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