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Make every happy customer a brand ambassador

Duel is a centralised hub for managing Ambassador Programs and all elements of Customer Advocacy


Duel is a Customer Advocacy Marketing platform that helps brands and retailers sell more by turning their customers into advocates. Tesla, GoPro, Zara, Twitter & Facebook all grew with zero traditional advertising budget, but instead through word of mouth and the advocacy of their customers. Duel’s platform automates the process of generating and using this advocacy, in order to make a marketing automation platform for a new socially-connected world.

Moreover, using advanced automation and machine learning, Duel is able to automate Customer Advocacy Marketing across 1000s of products and millions of customers in every online and offline channel.

Duel takes the many facets of Customer Advocacy Marketing and integrates them into one unified platform. Instead of managing many different tools, Duel is an entire turnkey solution.

Ambassador Program

Duel enables you to recruit customers to become ambassadors after they purchase products, then helps you manage these ambassadors and reward them appropriately.

Referral Program

Visual referrals that are tracked through traditional social medias (facebook, instagram etc.) as well as dark social medias (Whatsapp, Messenger etc.).

User Generated Content galleries

User Generated Content enabled for every SKU on every product display page. The process is completely automated using Duel’s patent pending ranking, indexing and moderation technology.

Product Marketing

Use your customers’ content to power your marketing. Automatically indexed, tagged and stored in the Duel content Hub.

Omnichannel experience

Collect first party data, acquire ambassadors and push your customers to advocacy- online via CRM and eCommerce and offline via QR codes on receipts, flyers and packaging.

How can your customers become a sales and marketing army?

  1. Ambassador Programs – Recruit and manage ambassador programs with an easy to use management solution for ongoing engagement.
  2. Advocacy Programs – Acquire User Generated Content and drive referrals for short-term customers via our easy to integrate Customer Advocacy Marketing platform.
  3. CPG Solution – Acquire ambassadors even from offline customers via our QR code to SKU matched system.

Duel has offices in both London and Bristol. The company’s legacy is in making and selling app-based computer games, explaining our very gamified platform – and therefore its high engagement.

Unit 103, 65 Glasshill Street, London, SE1 0QR

Runway East, 1 Victoria St, Bristol, BS1 6AA



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