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Making Sense of Sensors

Build world class user experience with our smart background notifications. Target your users right in the moment. We all hate generic targeting, right?


Why predict.io?

Targeting users only based on behavior within your app is not enough. You are literally blind to 99% of their day. What, if you knew about every move a user makes? Even when they don’t open your app? Plugging predict.io into your push solution will boost conversions dramatically.

How does it work?

predict.io SDK reads constantly the smartphone sensors (accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, etc.). The data is pre-process directly on the device. When a pattern is recognized you can build new segments in your marketing suite solution.

What does it do?

Once predict.io is running in your app, the offline behavior of your users will be connected to Emarsys. There you can build hyper contextual segments for push and analytics. It is that easy…

predict.io captures user’s offline behavior. So you can drive engagement more cleverly.

Trigger a push notification when the user:

  1. arrives at / departs from home.
  2. arrives at / departs from work.
  3. arrives near your store.
  4. is visiting a competitor store.
  5. pulls out his phone in the train on his daily commute.
  6. is about to or just traveled by airplane.

Life is too short for bad notifications! Engage the right users at the right place and time!

Here are some beautiful use cases for our SDK.

  1. Mobility Apps

    Detect and predict arrival and departure times per user.

  2. Grocery Apps

    Make yourself helpful with clever reminders.

  3. Food Delivery Apps

    Predict demand and service when users are most receptive.

  4. Fashion Apps

    Win customers when they are in a competitive store.

  5. Travel Apps

    Detect travel times and locations from the background.

  6. News Apps

    Enable mute-times and send well-timed activation messages for higher page impressions.


If you have any question visit our support center: https://support.predict.io/hc/en-us or contact us at developer@predict.io.

Our mobile SDK gives you battery friendly background location services, so you always know where and when users arrive, depart and which mode of transportation they use. No fiddling with geo-fences; no beacons or NFC needed. It uses the built-in sensors of any modern smartphone in conjunction with advanced machine learning algorithms. Embed it in any app within minutes and don’t spend months on research and development. Our SDK powers many industry-leading apps in mobility, retail, hospitality, and lifestyle.

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6aDLhgzK1eI0PdcJJCuwgg

predict.io is a technology by ParkTAG GmbH
Bergstr. 22 in 10115 Berlin, Germany

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