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Be There, be Useful, and be Quick for your customers on mobile. Leading mobile marketers use Pulsate to drive sales from their app, increase user engagement and deliver experiences to build brand loyalty.

We help brands drive user engagement and conversion on their mobile Apps. Using an SDK, we allow marketers to track everything users do within their App, segment in real-time, and then send highly personalised messages (Push, In-app, message centre “cards” or Chatbot conversation).

We also give marketers the capability to track the geo location of users using passive background tracking. This allows brands to turn up for customers with contextual and useful messages based on where they are & what they need to get done on mobile.


  1. Radial Geofencing (without battery drain)

  2. Polygonal Geofencing (without battery drain)

  3. Geofence APIs

  4. Real-time mobile segmentation

  5. Mobile CRM system

  6. Personalized & interactive Push notifications

  7. Rich in-app messages (gifs, videos, emoticons)

  8. In-app message centre or “feed”

  9. Chatbot Builder platform

  10. Campaign goal tracking

  11. Campaign analysis

  12. A/B Testing of campaigns

  13. Mobile marketing strategy consulting

  14. Mobile marketing training

Use Case Scenario 1:

A brand might use Pulsate to extend the multi-channel personalization approach to their App. Using Pulsate’s segmentation engine, customers that log in on the Lesara mobile App can be matched with their web customer identity. Everything the customer does within the app (products view, items abandoned etc.) is captured in real-time and used for segmentation. This information about their behaviour on the App can be passed back in to enrich the data about that customer on the Emarsys Unified Profile.

Likewise, using the Pulsate APIs, important customer profile data, such as “new mother, repeat buyer” can be passed to Pulsate on a daily/hourly update. The brand can now target In-App Messages or Push messages targeting at these new mothers based on their physical location, or what they do within the App.

A good example of integration might be that if a customer is detected as unsubscribing from emails, this action triggers a new kind of push notification to be sent to them to explore whether the app is the preferred platform of engagement.

Use Case Scenario 2:

For another brand, where competition on the high street is fierce, the ability to influence customer footfall is crucial.

Thanks to Pulsate Geo-targeting, the client can detect when App users are getting close to one of their branches, or even a competitor store. Within milliseconds, a user can be sent a personalised Push notification that can link to an interactive “Card” with in the App that inspires further action. This is done without using GPS (and draining a customer’s battery). A further message can be triggered to the user as they get within a 10m x 10m radius of the entrance to the shop.

But instead of a one-size fits all “broadcast” Push message, this customer could be sent a very tailored message, for e.g. about a discount on a product that they have bought a few times before. This is done using the combined customer data captured by Emarsys and Pulsate.

Interactions with the Push messages or Cards can be tracked and used for re-targeting. Mobile campaign data can then be matched up with the brands loyalty card data to track the downstream behaviour to understand if the mobile campaign influenced an in-store purchase.


Pulsate targets messages directly to customers’ mobile devices with laser-like precision. Unlike the competition, we combine interest, social, and behavioural data with micro-location, to make in-app communications far more relevant and seamless than any other technology on the market can offer.


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